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student Spotlight

Student Spotlight- John

We are pretty sure that we’ve met the most compassionate, sweet man on the planet. He has this uncanny way of getting anyone he meets to smile wide. When you’re near him you know that kindness is alive and well and that choosing to see the beauty in all experiences is the way to go…. More details

Behind the sweat

Behind the Sweat with Christina

Behind the Sweat with Christina! Christina is an amazing member of our Moksha family! She is always happy, kind and ready to help out our community. Thank you Christina for sharing! #behindthesweat What are you passionate about outside of yoga? Outside of yoga my loves are: cooking, eating, talking about food, singing, playing my guitar,… More details

Listen to your teacher

Listen to Your Teacher

Listen To Your Teacher: by Joanna Thurlow of Moksha Yoga Halifax Have you ever taken a yoga class in which the teacher teaches something really new and fun – a different variation on a standard pose, for example – that fires you up and gets you excited, and you can’t wait to do it again… More details