Teacher Spotlight


Mallory Guenther

Growing up in Saskatoon, SK, Mallory enjoyed a physically active upbringing. She arrived at her first hot yoga class as an alternative to the conventional gym routine that she never felt truly served her. After her first class she can remember feeling a sense of ease and lightheartedness. After becoming an Energy Exchanger at Moksha Yoga Saskatoon in the summer of 2011 she soon became aware that this community would be so much more than she anticipated. Yoga has taught her many lessons one of which is that she has learnt that it is not what you do but how you feel about what you are doing that is important. In January of 2012 she embarked on a new journey that took her to Brazil where she completed her first teacher training.  Mallory couldn’t be more grateful to be experience the joy yoga brings to her life on a moment-to-moment basis, on and off the mat. She draws inspiration from the little things in life, loves to sing, dance, and just be silly whenever the opportunity presents itself. She believes that life is what you make it and that the only thing that limits us in this world is our self. Mallory believes that life is a series of lessons, shown to us through our experiences and that the path to freedom starts by first looking within.