Ashleigh hot yoga


Ashleigh Ireland

Ashleigh’s yoga journey began eleven years ago in Toronto, when a friend encouraged her to join a hot yoga class. Being apprehensive about spending 90 minutes in the heat, her expectations led her to anticipate an instant dislike for this “hot” yoga. However, the experience was the exact opposite. Leaving the class feeling energized, rejuvenated and completely transformed, it was then that she realized how authentic her life could be if she chose to live “in the moment”.  Ashleigh has been hooked ever since!

In July 2006 she took the Moksha Teacher Training in Toronto and in February 2009 she completed the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Level 1 in Hawaii. She became certified in Moksha Flow during the first training held Nov, 2011. In 2012 became certified in pre-natal yoga though Mamata Yoga.  She believes that the Moksha series is a perfect balance between a dedicated meditation practice and a challenging physical practice. She is always amazed that no matter what the day brings students can arrive on their mat’s and be free.

Ashleigh is grateful to be back in her home province and for the love and support from the Moksha community. She would like to thank her daughters, Ireland and Emmerson, her son Madden and her husband David for opening her heart to its full capacity.

“Sometimes experiences lead us out of the present moment. But if we stay present for ourselves, we’ll always come back. Changed, Lighter, Healed.”