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New Leaf Yoga Foundation was founded in 2007 by Laura Sygrove and Moksha Yoga co-founder Jessica Robertson. This charity brings yoga to youth who are creating positive change in their lives, overcoming histories of abuse, neglect, incarceration and gang-involvement. New Leaf sees a bright future in all youth and seeks to empower them with the tools to create peace in their own bodies and minds, as well as in their communities.
Every Friday @ 7pm Min. $7 Cash donation
New Leaf Yoga
What's Happening at MYS!
  • Thank you for supporting Lisa and helping her to develop her skills! Join Lisa on Sun Jan 25th @1:30pm for her last Community Class before she hits the 'regular' schedule! ($7)
  • "Unwind & Refresh" - 2 hour Workshop w/ Lynette Sat Jan 24th @ 5:30pm for $30
  • Are you in your Intro Month or just recently completed it? Do you have questions about the Moksha poses? Join Haley on Sun Feb 1 @1:30pm for a FREE Workshop designed just for our new Yogis - that's YOU!
  • Arm Balancing Workshop w/ Leia - Free to Challengers, or $20 to join in. Sat Feb 7th @ 5:30pm - 2 hours of awesome - be there!
  • Every Friday Night at 7 pm Karma classes $7 min donation (Cash only) January funds support New Leaf Yoga Foundation.
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Moksha's Posture Tip of the Month - Backbend
Dina, Sophie and Ted presents this month's posture tip: Backbends
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Moksha Yoga
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